The XML config files are not being updated

WikiPBX is not supposed to update any xml files, instead FreeSWITCH '''pulls''' dynamic xml configuration from WikiPBX, over HTTP. The dynamic XML configuration is generated based on information in the WikiPBX database.

FreeSWITCH is not pulling configuration from WikiPBX

Most likely, mod_xml_curl is not correctly loaded or configured to pull configuration from freeswitch. To find out, try the following:

  • Type "sofia status" on the command line. If you don't see the profiles that you defined in WikiPBX, then mod_xml_curl is not correctly loaded or configured.
  • After starting FreeSWITCH, scroll up and look at the output, and make sure mod_xml_curl is loaded.
  • While starting FreeSWITCH, look on the WikiPBX console and you should see output when FreeSWITCH queries WikiPBX for configuration.

To fix the problem:

  • Make sure xml_curl is being compiled, is correctly configured, set to load at freeswitch startup. See Installation Manual for details.

My SIP endpoint doesn't register

One reason this can fail is that FreeSWITCH is not even pulling the configuration from WikiPBX, and thus defaulting to the static XML files. See FreeSWITCH is not pulling configuration from WikiPBX in this document.

For some issues regarding account configuration that can cause the problem, see this forum post. SORRY OLD FORUM STILL OFFLINE.

Attempt to debug using the [[xml config]] menu from the root dashboard.

If that does'nt work, deconfigure wikipbx and make it work using FreeSWITCH XML file config, then post a message to the forum describing the problem.

Lots of 404 errors on FreeSWITCH console

When mod_xml_curl (part of FreeSWITCH) contacts WikiPBX to pull configuration, several things will fail and fallback to using the XML files. For example you might see:

[Err] mod_xml_curl.c xml_url_fetch() Received HTTP error 404 trying to fetch conference.conf

These types of errors can safely be ignored, unless its for a conf file that WikiPBX is supposed to be serving up: mod_xml_cdr, mod_sofia, switch.conf, and a few others.

What version of MySQL does it work with?

1.2.1p2 or newer is required.

What version of PostgreSQL does it work with?

It is known to work with 7.4.7-6 and 8.1. Newer versions will probably work but have not been tested.

Failed to load application

If you get an error

Failed to load application: 'module' object has no attribute 'Interface'

This means you have an old version of zope.interface. Please try the following:

rm -rf /usr/lib/python2.x/site-packages/twisted

and then repeat the steps outlined above in the section on installing Twisted.web2.

Import errors

If you get an error such as "cannot import module wikipbx", double check your PYTHONPATH settings. (see Installation Manual)

How do I get the Django Admin working?

This does not work and the link has been removed from the GUI. Hopefully this will get fixed at some point, but in the meantime you can:

  • Use something like phppgadmin or phpmyadmin to modify the database directly
  • Start a python console and import/query the data models directly from the python shell

Two interfaces with same SIP port?

This has been fixed in subversion revision 11. Thanks goes out to Intralanman for the help on this fix!

freepy.fseventlistener.FreeswitchEventListenerFactory .. clientConnectionFailed!

This happens because WikiPBX trying to connect to FreeSWITCH (which is not yet running) to listen for certain events, and the connection is failing. The connection will be re-tried in a loop and will succeed once FreeSWITCH is started. It can be safely ignored as long as FreeSWITCH is known to not be running.

The output has been cleaned up so the error does not appear to be so alarming, and it indicates that it will attempt to retry the connection.

Does WikiPBX use mod_voicemail?

No, at the moment it does not play well with mod_voicemail. Basically there is a bug in wikipbx where it does not correctly return the configuration when mod_voicemail asks for certain things.

In the future WikiPBX's GUI will try to integrate with mod_voicemail.

DSA sig error installing python-psycopg

Try installing this rpm instead.

Error installing Zope.interface

Check towards the top of the error message to see if it says

src/zope/interface/_zope_interface_coptimizations.c:15:20: error: Python.h: No such file or directory

To fix this problem, install the python-dev package and try again. (search Installation Manual for python-dev)

undefined symbol: PyUnicodeUCS4_Decode

If you get an error like

ImportError at /add_extension/
/usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/_xmlplus/parsers/ undefined symbol: PyUnicodeUCS4_Decode

when trying to add an extension (or at any point), then you will need to do the following:

  • Follow instructions in earlier part of document regarding building PyXML from a tar.gz file
  • Try python clean followed by python install in the PyXML source dir

The error can be reproduced with the following:

$ python
 $ from xml.dom import minidom
 $ dom = minidom.parseString("<hello/>")

If the above runs without any error, the problem is fixed.

More information on error

How can I add a gateway for a specfic user?

The freeswitch XML syntax allows you to specify a user-specific gateway in the directory.xml. This is currently not possible with wikipbx. However, wikipbx tries to stay out of your way, and if you define this user in the flat files (XML) instead of wikipbx, it should work.

Why do I get[Uninitialized] Connection / Stopping factory errors

If you are seeing errors like:

2008-02-09 16:18:14+0000 [Uninitialized] Connection to refused, retrying attempt #19 in 5 seconds
 2008-02-09 16:18:14+0000 [Uninitialized] Stopping factory <freepy.fseventlistener.FreeswitchEventListenerFactory instance at 0x8a7d6ac>

It probably means one of the following:

  • FreeSWITCH is not running
  • mod_event_socket is not built/enabled
  • You are trying to connect to a different host/port than mod_event_socket is configured for

switch_core_standard_on_execute() Invalid Application python

This means mod_python was not correctly built and/or loaded.

sofia_presence_mwi_event_handler() Cannot find profile ..

[ERR] sofia_presence.c:215 sofia_presence_mwi_event_handler() Cannot find profile for host

This is a known bug with the interoperability between mod_voicemail and WikiPBX. If you are not using
mod_voicemail, you can disable it from the modules.conf.xml and this error should go away.

postgres: FATAL: Ident authentication failed

Try making the following changes in /etc/postgresql/7.4/main/pg_hba.conf:


local   all         postgres                          ident sameuser
 local   all         all                               ident sameuser


local   all         postgres                          trust
 local   all         all                               trust

and restarting the postgres server with /etc/init.d/postgresql-7.4 restart

NOTE: make sure you are editing the correct pg_hba.conf if you have multiple postgres instances installed.

ImportError: No module named zope.interface

Search Zope.interfaces in Installation Manual

Failed to load application: No module named freepy.fseventlistener

Add freepy (socket lib) to your PYTHONPATH as described in PYTHONPATH section of the Installation Manual

Error creating endpoint (missing fields)

Please make sure you are using Firefox, there is a known bug with IE7 on Vista

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