Release Notes 0 8

Release Overview v 0.8

Release Date 2009-11-27
Tarball wikipbx-0.8.0.tar.gz
Release Branch
FreeSWITCH compatibility r13501* - r15699 (* may work on earlier versions, this is latest tested version)

Which branch should I use?

Use the release branch for production systems and the trunk if you are just playing around with it.

How do I checkout from bazaar?

See the installation manual

Migration Instructions

0.5 -> 0.8 migration guide

Changes from 0.5 Release

  1. Domain based multi-tenancy
  2. Sip Profile management
  3. Dialplan security (public / auth'd on an extension by extension basis)
  4. Runs as mod_wsgi app under Apache2
  5. Works with mod_voicemail
  6. Improved registration status
  7. Revamp Documentation
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