0 5 To 0 8 Migration Guide

Upgrade/Downgrade to revision 199 if needed


If you are on an older revision, say revision 110, you will first need to upgrade to a later revision which includes the export utility code.

Most likely upgrading to revision 199 should be smooth — even though it seems like a big jump, most of these revision numbers are on the 0.8 branch, so the db schema will be compatible.

$ svn up -r 199

Now in the UI, you will have the ability to export data (see below)

NOTE: you must restart the wikipbx process!


Or, if you already did an svn up command and have not yet exported your data, you will first need to:

$ svn up -r 199

Otherwise you will not only not have the working export script, but even if you did, the data models wouldn't match and the script would blow up.

NOTE: you must restart the wikipbx process!

Export Data from WikiPBX 0.5

  • Login as root
  • Click Export (Migrate)
  • Save to /tmp/wikipbx.xml

Install WikiPBX 0.8

Side By Side

Your best bet is to make a completely parallel installation:

  • Install to a different directory (eg, /usr/src/wikipbx-0.8)
  • Create a different database (eg, wikipbx_pt_8)

Go through the complete Installation Manual as if you are installing from scratch, however you can skip the following steps:

  • Install DJango
  • Install Pytz
  • Install pyXML

In place

Or for the more daring, you can upgrade it "in place". As long as you have a backup of your database this should be safe.

  • Backup your current settings.py somewhere
  • Do an svn up in your /usr/src/wikipbx directory
  • Create a new settings.py from the settings_template.py, as described in installation manual
  • Drop your database and create a new one with the same name
  • Follow installation instructions in installation manual

Import Data into version WikiPBX 0.8

  • Login as root
  • Create a sip profile if you have not done so already
  • Click Migration Import
  • Enter path to export file, eg /tmp/wikipbx.xml
  • Hit Initiate Import button
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